What if OPEC Supply Cut Does Not Result In The Expected Higher Oil Price?

In The Alien Room, we shorted WTI (Oil) at $53.30 and took profit at $ 51.30, that is a profit of $2.00 = 200 ticks. On a small size of 0.1, this trade has a $274 profit (a return of 341% on margin). Currently, GBPNZD and USDJPY has reached our target profit and NZDUSD running in the green. 

WTI – Key Level To Note

OPEC agreed to cut production in Nov/Dec 2016. However, oil spiked up but failed to carry through. This brought us some food for thought: what will happen to oil prices when a highly look forward to production cut failed to result in a upwards tick?

Binni and team started monitoring WTI prices and we had a nice entry to short at $53.30. In less than 5 days from entry, price objective of $51.30 reached. 

Winnings Report From Our Students

Watch how we traded oil (WTI( and caught a nice explosive move in this short clip

WTI – Super Level To Watch

Key level for WTI is $50.30, if this happens then we might see $46 come true.

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