The Alien Room review and trade performance Dec 2016

Since the start of and The Alien Room where post my trade diaries, our record has been great with consecutive months of winning.

Our past records of trades in The Alien Room

Winning is not taken for granted, it’s hardwork and plenty of risk and trade management.

In dec 2016, our nett win was 97.5 pips. That’s a huge drop from both Oct and Nov performance.

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Lesser trades in Dec 2016

December is a month of known low liquidity, not to mention, traditionally, last two weeks is always my long waited holiday. I confessed that I was playing everyday with my children, going to this place and that place.


Dec 2016 Trade Record in The Alien Room
Dec 2016 Trade Record in The Alien Room


Many trades were set to break even

Many of our trades went into profit, but range was limited so many of trades was exited at break even (no lose). This is part and parcel of trade management. Some trades missed profit by a little and had to be exited on protected stops (which is still positive but lesser profit). 

Many traders on holiday

As traders start to go on holiday, price movement wasn’t clean. For example, AUDUSD had a lengthy consolidation, resulted in complex wave structure. Thus we were stopped out by 10 pips before price plunged by 200 pips and reached our original target. 

Event risk – Italy Referendum

I had 2 index trades – FT100 and DAX30. Both were in profit, but the suddenly turned after Italy Referendum had both trades stopped. 

Extra careful on limit fills

Since liquidity is low, range is limited, I was also strict in limit prices. Thus many trades won’t filled or headed into target profit first. 

Most stops out trade was risk trade, while profit trades are confirmed trades

Risk trade has lower allocation of money resources, while confirm trades will have higher allocation. Even when pips win was not much, still it was a reasonable monetary win.

Trade performance could have been better, but again I wanted to be safe in the December (on low liquidity and limited price range). 

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