The Alien Room My Trade Diary & Trade Performance Nov 2016

I made 1400 Pips And This Is My November Forex Trade Result

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Forex Signals in The Alien Room – consecutive 6 months winning results, average 998 pips win

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Congrats Aliens! We are into our 6th consecutive winning month since the start of Onlineforexmaster in June 2016.

It was a fantastic month in November and most of us made nett winning of 1400 pips (more or less). The biggest winner comes from CADJPY trades.

The Alien Room does not favor any specific pairs; it is the same concept when comes to buying/trading stocks, we do not fall in love with any particular stocks (major mistake) but only grasp at any money making opportunity.

The reason why I had to bring up this is because I was being asked these questions quite often from my friends and interested parties.

Does ‘The Alien Room’ focus on any specific currency pairs?

Why does Binni don’t focus on only one pair?

The number of trades that Binni gave her students to trade?

If you have been following us since Terraseeds days and/or reading our trade performance since June 2016, you will realize that we do variation of trades from Forex, Indexes, Commodities and even Stocks. We even did our first Natural Gas trade (Article 1 here) (Article 2 here) and buying its Natural Gas ETF, UNG.

Natural Gas ETF – UNG

I always told my friends that

Binni trades ALMOST everything, from Forex trading, stocking trading and even to Options. As long as it brings her income, she will trade it and as her student, she always shares these ‘secret trades and price levels’ with us. To be honest, if I have never knew about Terraseeds or Binni, the only thing that I would know is only Singapore Stock Market and probably bought Keppel Corporation and Sembcorp Marine along the way because it was ‘cheap’.

So I do consider myself as one of the lucky few who started my first forex trading journey with the right person and she (Binni) is an expert in the field :-). Do read her interview here. I’m sure you want to know whether she is a millionaire trader.

You will want to see how others review The Alien Room forex signal service and Onlineforexmaster/TerraSeeds in our facebook page.

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Detailed record of our performance, especially Nov 2016 that nett win 1400 pips

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For those who are curious about the number of trades we do in ‘The Alien Room’. Take a look at our track record and performance in November and way back into June 2016 records.

Variation of forex currency pairs. We trade it as long as it gives us money making opportunity
Nov 2016 trades taken – including losing trades.  We never hide losses

We simply don’t restrict ourselves to limited pairs (the worse thing you can do is only trade 1 pair), as long as there are opportunities in the market, we will trade it.

One of our biggest winners, CADJPY made us 525 pips from both shorting and going long on 2 different occasions.

[cs_space size=”80″]Alien Room Forex Trading (1): Shorting CADJPY

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On 24 October 2016, we traded CADJPY ahead of high impact data. Binni always emphasize to us that slow is good and only trade aggressively when needed.

In this case of CADJPY, “The Alien Room” was waiting for price to pullback and its reaction at 78.10 and 78.90 as mentioned in G+ post.

G+ trade post - CADJPY on 24 Oct 2016

We were filled at 78.20 on the very next day, and price level 78.90 was being brought up. Suspicion of a push /spike towards 78.90 came true.

Made a comment that CADJPY might push/spike towards level

Indeed, price pumped up to 78.90 and plunge. Unfortunately time was not on our side – due to the upcoming NFP, we decided to square off our  CADJPY short positions with 115 pips win.

Closed all position in CADJPY + 115 pips profit

Even though CADJPY did not hit my target profit at 75.60 (we were hoping for 330 pips profits!) but no regrets at all. Money in the pocket is always the best and I always trust that Binni will find better and more explosive trades for us, since this is what she is good at.

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Alien Room Forex Trading (2): Going Long CADJPY

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Till today, we still maintain our bearish view on JPY and bullish on JPY crosses. For those who have attended the Market Outlook 2017, Binni thinks that USDJPY could go as high as 140! Seem crazy, isn’t it?

But everything is possible, especially when she has accurately predicted oil to fall from $100 to $46 in 2015 and EURUSD to to drop from 1.2200 to 1.1100 where target level was reached in less than 2 months time.

CAD was the best performer at that time and this prompt us to trade CADJPY by going long. The reason is simple:

We want a fast moving trade, so naturally we pair a strong currency against a weak currency.

On 14 November 2016,  Binni planned this trade for her alien students and specifically mentioned what she will do when there is a price reaction at 79.30, with target profit of 130 pips, 190 pips and eventually 470 pips.

G+ trade posting - CADJPY on 14 November 2016

Since our final target will be 470 pips at 84.00 price level, trade management comes into play because:

  • Don’t expect price to hit 470 pips within a day
  • Learn how to take profit (or at least partial) along the way – 3 target profit levels given.
  • It can be demoralizing to see your profits getting lesser

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This trade in CADJPY took 10 days to reach the final target 84.00 from first entry. Along the way, I decided to take some profits and there will always be chance for re-entries for those who have missed it or wish to add on more positions. This is the best part of ‘The Alien Room’!

First target profit reached at 81.21, profit + 130 pips

First re-entry – Buy limit at 81.40

Second re-entry when price break above 81.20 as said trade posting.

Still maintaining final target level at 84.00

CADJPY pips win calculation in different entry price:

  • Buy limit at 79.30 & took profit at 81.21 = 191 pips win
  • Buy limit at 81.40 & took profit at 84.00 = 260 pips win
  • Buy limit at 82.30 & took profit at 84.00 = 170 pips win
  • If you are still holding 79.30 positions & took profit at 84.00 = 470 pips

Some of you might be thinking whether 470 pips win is real or not. Bear in mind, everything in G+ is timestamped.

Some might even want me to show my trading statement. I WILL NOT do it. Would you tell me your salary or your networth or how much you have in your bank? Seriously, I questioned those who showed their statement, and doubted their motive. I even wonder whether it’s a real or fake trade.

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In actual fact, The Alien Room Made More Than 1790 Pips

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If you have traded the DAX30 (like myself), then your nett winnings will be much more than 1790 pips.

Even though we have excluded DAX30 in this tabulation but in actual fact, we have made lots of money from DAX30!

Read the step by step guide in trading DAX30 and profited at least 390 ticks from it.

G+ trade posting - DAX30 on 26 Oct 2016

I always keep a look out for all trade updates and management in ‘The Alien Room’ – from trade execution to trade management and finally getting out at target profit level.

DAX30 first TP level reached + 210 ticks

See how Binni’s said levels in G+ posting came true. I am really glad that my friends and Alien Room members took a big bag of winning in DAX *smiles*

Final level 10310 reached as said in my trade posting. Profit + 410 ticks!
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I Scream My Losses And My Winnings Trades In The Alien Room Because Binni Does Not Hide Her Losses Nor Shy About Her Winning Trades Too

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Perhaps this is the culture of Terraseeds/Onlineforexmaster – Integrity and Honesty.  In fact many times, Binni always emphasize to her employees that only account the truth and based on our experiences – Do not lie to your customers!

If you truly want to do forex trading, master this lifetime skill and seriously don’t want to be disappointed again, then only learn from the best and the real master.

Follow the experts. Let us guide you in your trading journey.
Follow the experts. Let us guide you in your trading journey. [cs_space size=”20″]
We also encourage our students to tweet their winnings and losing trades, you can view these tweets.

With the growing alien room community and consistent trade results that was produced, I cannot guarantee that the course price of SGD 900 (with broker sponsor – SGD 300 off) with 6 months Alien Room access and lifetime training will be here for long. Especially when Binni has hinted an increase of price next year.

Do grab this opportunity and our ongoing promotion now, especially when this lifetime skill is so affordable.

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