The Alien Room My Trade Diary & Trade Performance Oct 2016

Our trade performance – another winning month. Made 1711 pips.

We had a stunning win this month. It’s the second time that The Alien Room made around 1700 pips profit. The biggest winner came from shorting GBP when GBP had a flash crash. Read this article to recap how we traded the GBP flash crash.

Today, I’m going to recap the October trade performance slightly differently. I was surprised when many wrote to ask this common question:

Is your trade given before it happened?

I thought this is a given, isn’t it? If there is such a recurring question, then there must be some forex trainers or signal providers who are not. I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised if they announced their win after they have traded. One wonders whether they really caught the trade. Think think.

I want to emphasize, all my trade thoughts and trade ideas are written before it happen. Many days, many hours before it happened. It’s like a trade diary, you read my diary of what I’m going to do. 

Forex Signal Oct 2016 Performance, no losing months

The Alien Room Trade Performance listed, including losses

In October, we made a total of 1711 pips.

I have listed here all our trades that we did for the month, including those which are cancelled, those which hit our stop loss and of course, those super explosive winners. You realised that our losing pips are little compared to our winning pips.  Also we never hide our losses. Most important, I will explain WHY I am taking a particular trade. This allows you to repeat it next time on your own.

The Alien Room Oct Trade Performance Made 1711 pips
The Alien Room Oct Trade Performance Made 1711 pips

Forex Trading – GBP Flash Crash made 1075 pips profit

It’s crazy to buy GBP when it’s in a deep downtrend. TH boxes gave us plenty of reinforcement that selling GBP is the right way.

GBPCAD shorted right before GBP Flash Crash
GBPCAD shorted right before GBP Flash Crash


Many traders asked me, how did I predict a GBP flash crash? I didn’t predict one. I have to be frank.

However, I knew that GBP was heading for a big big move. That’s why those target profit that I had was far away and we nailed it.

Read what I wrote to my members in the Alien Room. Everything is written and traded before it happened. Nothing on hindsight.

My G+ post on GBPCAD dated 29 Sep 2016 – 10 days before GBP Flash Crash. 

gbpcad-1 gbpcad-2

Here’s the other trade on GBPAUD that rocked 600 pips. 

What I wrote on 4 Oct 2016 – 6 days before GBP Flash Crash


What I wrote in The Alien Room G+ Post on 4 oct - 6 days before GBP Flash crash
What I wrote in The Alien Room G+ Post on 4 oct – 6 days before GBP Flash crash

Here’s GBPAUD short shown in chart. Remember we use “set and forget level” – set it and then you could do whatever you want. And we have traders watching 24 hours 5 days for you.

GBPAUD GBP Flash Crash
GBPAUD rocked 600 pips

The Alien Room Trade Performance – Dare to predict EUR drop

What kind of trades do you love? Winning trade? Of course!

It’s not about winning trades, it’s about a winning trade that moves after you have put in your trade.

But I’m sure you love winning trade that’s explosive, that’s has little possible stop loss and it will explode right after you placed a trade.

Yes, that’s the type that we (the Aliens) love too.

EURCAD short that nailed 300 pips was such a trade. Again, it’s a set and forget level which I mentioned many days ahead. The Aliens set this trade in, wait for it to get filled and then wait for the trade to move. Remember, we are watching all these trades for you and alerting you hours and days before it happened.

Want to see The Alien Room Trade Process? Here you go….

The Alien Room Trading Process – For Our Students

What I wrote about EURCAD in G+ post 2 days ago before trade was filled. I wrote on 5 Oct 2016, while trade was filled on 7 Oct 2016. 

The Alien Room G+ post on 5 Oct 2016 on EURCAD short
The Alien Room G+ post on 5 Oct 2016 on EURCAD short



If you look at EURCAD chart and our execution, we basically shorted at the highest and exited at the lowest with a 300 pips profit.  :mrgreen:

EURCAD chart showing our execution

Tips to get explosive monster pips forex trades

What is exactly The Alien Room? 

I believe that everything in this world don’t happen randomly. If there’s no randomness, then there must be a pattern. I believe I might have spotted some of the patterns that exist in our financial market.

I use these patterns for my own trading. However, if you believe what I always think of trading “it’s a win-win game”, then I’m writing down my trade diary, my trade ideas and thoughts and sharing it privately in The Alien Room.

As a forex trader, this is how you use The Alien Room trade signals


Our Trading Process

With this trade process, anyone could trade as long as you have a smartphone and connectivity.

You can trade anywhere, anytime. This is the power of forex and technology. This also explains why we have students from more than 40 different countries.

Lifetime skill + The Alien Room

The Alien Room provides a shortcut in your trade screening. However, it is important to master a skill. Therefore, for every new customers, in order to access The Alien Room, you are required to take Master Forex Course.

Look at the mathematics of a Master Forex Course that comes with lifetime training access and 6 months of The Alien Room subscription. If you get a broker sponsor, that’s SGD900 for Master Forex Course. If you see this is purely for forex trade ideas and forex signals (you just want to get into The Alien Room) then it’s SGD150 per month for The Alien Room subscription + life time training. Get broker sponsor here.

Considering the hundreds and thousands of pips that we are making in the Alien Room, your investment is worth it.


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