The Alien Room My Trade Diary & Trade Performance Sep 2016

Our trade performance – another winning month. Made 621 pips.

I made a change to the categorisation of my trades in The Alien Room. Reason being: there are professional experienced traders as well as forex newbies.  They have different risk profile. Thus, I grouped my trades into confirm and risk level trades to suit different risk profile. Confirm is lower risk as it is a trade that works on a confirmed 1234 pattern. Risk level is a set and forget trade style on a make or break level. It has tight stop loss, but could be easily stopped out. However, if it is a profitable trade, don’t be surprised by the few hundred pips a risk level trade produces. Don’t forget, our levels are alien levels. 

Monthly Trade Performance (pips) - No losing months yet

  • Win or loss (pips)

In the first half of Sep 2016, I took a very slow approach to trading. Not only that, the market is also behaving in at tight range. Most trades were counter trend. This is not the strength of Tflow® strategy. I refused to take any counter trend trade. In fact, I played a very “tight stop loss” approach – that is to enter trade with a tight stop loss. If I’m wrong, I lose little. If I win, my reward will be great.

I’m trading protective.

It’s like a game of soccer. The coach will decide upon different tactic, different players and different strategy according to situation presented then.

However, I soon realised that no one can accept losses.

Yesterday I heard this from another student: 

Student A: I had my account wiped out during GBP Flash Crash. I think GBP is very low already. I bought a lot of GBPUSD, GBPCAD, GBPAUD.

Student B: I thought you are in The Alien Room. Binni kept on shorting GBP. And we made few thousands pips just on GBP Flash Crash, bro, not to mention we made few hundred pips on shorting GBPUSD previously. Why did you want to go against the trend? Why didn’t you follow her?

Student A: She made consecutive wrong trades before…

Student B: Her one trade in GBPAUD 600 pips more than enough covers those small losses. Now I’m still making money. But your account is wiped out.

For the few hundreds of pips I made many times, I was remembered for the protective, tight stopped out trades.  I could only type “LOL”.

Alright, here’s the first half of Sep, where I made consecutive small losses by trading protective.


Trade Performance 1st half of Sep by trading protective

Implementing “Risk Level” in The Alien Room

I decided to categorise trades into 2 category:  “confirm” and “risk level”. This helps identify risk allocation to each type of trade. One can enter first on risk level on smaller resource allocation and to enter bigger allocation on confirm trade. For me, I take all risk and confirm trades with different money allocation.

However, I was not remembered for the consecutive wins (according to the student who got his account wiped out).

During the second half of Sep, we had a nett win of 948 pips. Stunning results from shorting Oil (WTI). Note that there are 2 risk level trades on FT100 and Nasdaq which were made known to have a very small trade size to members. Combining those losses from first half of Sep, we had a nett win of 621 pips.


Trade Performance Second Half of Sep – Nett win 621 pips


Forex Learning, Follow the master, Be empowered

I’ve rejected countless of potential customers who just want to subscribe to The Alien Room and not take the Master Forex Course.

I like to stress once more: you won’t understand and won’t learn anything. However, if this is going to be a trend, I won’t reject a good trade eventually.

But allow me to point to you some calculations.

Look at the mathematics of a Master Forex Course that comes with lifetime training access and 6 months of The Alien Room subscription. If you get a broker sponsor, that’s SGD900 for Master Forex Course. If you see this is purely for forex trade ideas and forex signals (you just want to get into The Alien Room) then it’s SGD150 per month for The Alien Room subscription + life time training. Get broker sponsor here.


Preview to The Alien Room trade performance in Oct 2016

Now we are at mid-month of Oct 2016. I might make a big loss in second half of Oct. Who knows? However, what I know is: we are now in profit 2047 pips. How did I arrive at 2047 pips? This includes those trades which are closed with profit or loss as well as those running profit and loss. Yes, I’m counting my eggs early. However, at least I make an action and these pips (or money) belong to me.

We are positive 2047 pips!


Oct 2016 Trade Performance Indicative. Green highlight are trades not concluded yet

Tips to get explosive monster pips forex trades

Some asked “If I were to follow you, can I get your results?”

Most of the time, potential customers will write and ask “If I were to follow you 100%, can I get your results?”

I didn’t know how to answer this question, because I didn’t know whether you will follow me 100%. To test it out, I wrote an analysis on Natural Gas. Gave the entry price which I thought was very obvious. The question, did you follow?


At least for my children account, the long UNG trade is profitable and gained 13.61% now.

Children UNG trade making 13.6% return in less than 1 month


Monthly Trade Performance (pips) - No losing months yet

  • Win or loss (pips)

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