Top Singapore Forex Signal shows Oil Strengthening- Alternative currency to trading oil itself

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Top Singapore Forex Signal shows Oil strengthening

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Some might not want to trade into Oil. If you do not want to trade oil directly, this article talks about a currency proxy to Oil and how you could this alternative currency to trade oil itself

OPEC lead by Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the world.

Rise in Oil prices seen as trading opportunity

The OPEC members led by Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer refused to cut production till 28 September 2016. Oil price surged over 6% in reaction to the news.

Oil price going up
18% rise in Oil price from Sep 2016 to 15 Oct 2016

We seen oil price going up 18% since Sep 2016. If oil continues to head higher, we see this as a trading opportunity. However, some might not want to trade directly into Oil. If so, what is a currency proxy to oil?

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Canadian Dollar as an alternative currency to trade Oil

Canadian dollar has a close proxy to oil, arising mainly from the country being a major oil production country.

If you look at the chart below, you could see a tight correlation between CAD/USD and WTI. Red line is CAD/USD and blue line is WTI (oil price).

correlation of cad with oil
Tight correlation of Canadian dollar with Oil prices

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What we did in The Alien Room and our forex signal?

We know the fact that Oil is heading up and Canadian dollar (CAD) is a proxy of Oil.

The Canadian Dollar (CAD) can be seen having a positive relation with Oil and since oil price was pushed higher to USD $50, our aim is to buy CAD (in other words, to long CAD against other currency).

The unspoken rules in trading:

  • Buy Low, Sell High.
  • Sell High, Buy Low.
  • Strong currency + Weak currency = Big & Fast movement
  • Trend is your friend

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During GBP Flash crash, we already profited from GBPCAD 475 pips

If you remember another article which I wrote on GBP Flash crash, we went short GBPCAD as the first trade to tap into rising oil price. That trade made us a whopping 400 pips. How much is 475 pips worth in dollars and cents? Check out this lesson here. It can be $474 or $4750 depending on your trade size.

The Alien Room private post - filled at 1.708 and crashed to 1.66 target profit

Trading EURCAD – Set and forget level made money on 300 pips profit

In a G+ posting that I wrote on 5 Oct:

I’m not really convinced of #eur  strength, but not here to insist on my belief. However I’m seeing resistance with #eurusd  (still 11250), #eurcad  and#euraud.

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See G+ posting that was posted in The Alien Room on 5 Oct 2016:

EURCAD G+ Posting in The Alien Room on 5 Oct

On 5 October, I brought out EURCAD as a possible sell candidate.

At the same time, highlighted 2 set and forget levels for my members in The Alien Room to monitor and watch. Of course, this is a trade level too.

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How can you use this information for your own trading?

Many forex traders wrote to us with the sole intention of getting subscription to The Alien Room only. However, our intention is for you to learn and be equipped with a skill. Think about why we need to send our children to school? We could shove a calculator to them whenever they need to do addition. Why do we even bother to ask them to know sequencing first before they learn multiplication?

Similarly, I could just give you a typical forex signal like this: Buy at 1234, Sell 4567. SL 999 TP 9999. You learnt nothing!

Look at the mathematics of a Master Forex Course that comes with lifetime training access and 6 months of The Alien Room subscription. If you get a broker sponsor, that’s SGD900 for Master Forex Course. If you see this is purely for forex trade ideas and forex signals (you just want to get into The Alien Room) then it’s SGD150 per month for The Alien Room subscription + life time training. Get broker sponsor here.

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If you have the Alien Room access, then this 300 pips profit can be yours. 

What I wrote to members in The Alien Room on 5th October 2016:

5 October what I said in The Alien Room


Everything that was posted is not on hindsight. This is a set and forget level. You could use this to earn while you sleep. No starting at screen.

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Your trade process using The Alien Room information

  1. Read and understand so you could replicate this analysis in future
  2. Key in the set and forget level, namely 1.4980 and 1.4890
  3. Define your maximum risk (stop loss) and maximum profit (target profit)
  4. Switch off your trading platform
  5. Go to sleep, go shopping, watch a movie or what you want.
  6. Wait for kaching to happen
Kaching – Money to flow in

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What happen if you were to trade into EURCAD? Shorted and plunged 300 pips in 4 days

In my G+ post, I wanted to sell limit (a set and forget level that you can insert into your trading platform hours or days before) EURCAD. Only one level was filled (1.4890). As usual, we gave a buffer of 10 pips. This trade was filled at the highest (I repeat HIGHEST) and then price PLUNGED.

EURCAD filled at the highest - plunge to the lowest with 300 pips
EURCAD filled at the highest – plunge to the lowest with 300 pips

We gotten 300 pips easily from this trade. Likewise, where to take profit was already provided. And we took profit at the lowest. I repeat the LOWEST!



The Alien Room members – they made money too!



What’s next for Oil – towards the ‘North’ or ‘South’?

WTI has come to an interesting price level at $51. This is a historical resistance level. If this level is broken, then it has chance to head towards $53. However, I am looking at a final move to $63 in near future.

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We are definitely keeping a close watch on WTI for “The Alien Room” members and they will be the first to notify before taking action.

We have already identified $49 as key support levels to consider buying. Of course, we are waiting for a trigger before doing so. If you are curious,  the Aliens are curious too, don’t worry, will put in up in The Alien Room G+ post. If you are not with us, you might want to consider joining our Master Forex Course. It comes with 6 months of complimentary The Alien Room access. That works out to SGD150 per month with broker sponsor. Sign up here.

If you have been with me selling Oil from $110 till $47, then you shouldn’t be surprised that trading oil is one of Tflow® strengths.  I can’t help to let you know I ‘predicted’ WTI to plunge in 2014.


In 2014, I went short Oil when price was $97. Read here.

Craziest prediction of Oil during a seminar. Read here.


Learn, Follow, Empower. Take Master Forex Course and get 6 months free The Alien Room access here.

Join us in The Alien Room for as low as SGD48 per month with an annual plan (Tflow® students) here.


To your trading success,

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