Important implications from the trade in Natural Gas – financial planning for your future, how to make money works

I’ve written to The Alien Room members on 22 Sep about a possible major recovery of Natural Gas. TAR members read here.  On 25 Sep 2016, I shared in another article posted to public how to start investing in Natural Gas using Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) – UNG.

2 weeks later from the UNG article, I like to follow up the price movement of Natural Gas and share how I felt about the need to invest and lastly implications to your financial well-being if start early (with appropriate guidance).

To give everybody a teaser, the exchange trade fund UNG which I bought base on the article written, went up 10% from my buy price in less than 1 week.


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What I wrote about Natural Gas Exchange Traded Fund UNG

For Tflow® Strategy, we are able to enter at a lower price, at the low of a right shoulder prior to breakout of neckline. Such entry will result in higher reward/risk ratio. Thus $8.20 is a feasible support to consider if you are bullish about Natural Gas.

In the Alien Room, a place where I shared my crazy market thoughts and trade ideas, I explained with Tflow® strategy why I am bullish on Natural Gas. There, we traded into the natural gas futures contract with Axitrader.

At the same time, my analysis concluded that Natural Gas could be a possible long term play. Thus, spent a sunday morning (25 Sep) to write about it and shared with public. I wrote that $8.20 is a feasible support for UNG if you are bullish about Natural Gas.

Price reached low of $8.21. With a 99% confidence level, this is as accurate as a price prediction can be.

I bought at $8.30. At the same time, took my children ang pow money to invest too. This is their return on UNG trade at the moment. Bought $8.30. Price closed last friday at $9.13. Made 10% in less than a week.

Bought 500 shares at $8.30 for children
Bought 500 shares at $8.30 for children


There are also other Tflow® students and The Alien Room members who benefited from this trade.


The Alien Room bought in at almost the lowest price before Natural Gas futures flew

In the Alien Room, we are trading the Natural Gas Contract for difference contract. It is base on Natural Gas futures contract. I have earlier alerted The Alien Room members of possible support prices that we are looking to enter. If you want to trade Natural Gas futures CFD, can use the broker I’m using.

On 6 october, in The Alien Room, I alerted of another reentry on Natural Gas after our last buy limit at $2.85 was not filled. Note, we have other entries into Natural Gas buy already.

I wrote on 6 Oct to long Natural Gas at $3

Shh….maybe the aliens heard us. Nat Gas futures spiked to $3 (raw level $2.98) few hours later after my post. We bought near to the low at $2.99 average.

Bought at average price $2.99 (this is a set and forget level)
Bought at average price $2.99 (this is a set and forget level)

Earn While U sleep or set and forget level

Both trades – UNG and Natural Gas futures are using “earn while u sleep” method, the “set and forget” level.

We are able to predict these levels well ahead of it happening. Remember, for UNG, I wrote about the $8.20 level on 25 Sep. Price went to $8.21 6 days later. I was filled at $8.30.

For Natural Gas futures, I wrote about $3 to The Alien Room members in the afternoon about 3pm. Price went to sub $3 and I bought in at $2.99 at night (few hours later).

As a busy professional, or a stay-at-home mom, or any person who like to have a good trade for more money, you have plenty of time to key in a buy limit level, leave it there (maybe forget about it), set in your maximum loss and profit and then log off your trading platform. You could just walk away and focus on your own things.

This will explain why I have time to do other things – fetch my children from school, morning exercise, write analysis, find trades etc. That’s because I traded smart with Tflow® Strategy.

Serious implications to financial planning, at least financial planning for my children

Few financial planning ideas that’s important to me (maybe to you as well):

  • You want money to work for you.
  • You have relatively less time and less resources with increasing needs.
  • Good people hard to come by, good advice difficult to find.

These are heartfelt thoughts that came to my mind whenever I search for investment opportunities. It’s tough to find the right trade or investment opportunity. Therefore, whenever I found one, I share it with my family members. When they make money, I’m so happy for them. Of course, I am very sad when they lose money (although rarely).

Financial market has this draw to me – it’s a win-win situation. If you make money, you don’t make money at my expense. 

It is time to realise few things:

  1. We welcome more money.
  2. We need to do active financial planning as more needs arise.
  3. Opportunities are hard to come, if you see one, grab.

That’s a fact. I do not need to elaborate further. But think about the process of making more money. There are many ways – but most important, not the hard way. You want your money to work harder for you. Or you want to enjoy while your money is working for you.

How to make money work harder? Before answering this, I like to ask, what do you do with your children ang pow money (the red packet of well wishes received from family and friends)? For me, I invest these money instead of putting them in the bank. If I put them in fixed deposit, my children will receive 1.6% interest per annum (1.6% is considered a very good rate). Having the ability and knowledge to find trades, I choose to invest these money. This is the active financial planning that I’m talking about. We need to make every dollar and cent count.

What to invest?

Opportunities are hard to come by. Whenever I see a good opportunity, I grab. For example, Natural Gas is a massive reversal pattern. This reversal pattern has been building for years.  Strength of Tflow® lies in it’s ability to integrate price with TIME. Natural Gas trade is a textbook example of what Tflow® strategy is all about. That’s the reason why price flew and blew it’s top.

I shared this with my members, my community and everyone. Did you grab it? If yes, that would be a 10% return.

If you bought 500 shares like what I did with my children ang pow money, then that’s a USD $415 profit. That’s enough for you to get a one year The Alien Room membership or your school fee for Master Forex Course is half paid already. Maybe you think I’m marketing and just want to sell you my service. But think of the risk and reward associated with buying my service. So far, since we started, we are positive with great returns. See my trade diary.  If you are educated with Master Forex Course, then you will know WHY Natural Gas surged up.

UNG 500 shares for my children and it's return
UNG 500 shares for my children and it’s return

Learn, Follow, Be Empowered

You need to find many profitable trades. As a beginner in trading, you need to follow a good mentor. This is similar when a baby starts to walk. You hold his/her hands. This is the “follow” process after “learning”. Forex trading is like a skill. To master a skill, it’s about doing it over long period of time. We are not teaching something and then letting you do it on your own.

expert child

In The Alien Room, you get to see what we are doing, read our trade ideas, understand why we are trading it (because we are going to teach you). We encourage you to FOLLOW us. Let us, the expert in trading pinpoint what to trade, where to enter, how to manage your trade, while you focus on what you are good at.

For more information, watch the short video on what information are provided in The Alien Room and how you can use these information for your trading and financial freedom.

Yes, I’m selling a service to you. Do consider the returns of your investment into my service. The risk is SGD900 or SGD1200. My personal opinion. It’s worth it.

Sign up for The Alien Room for as low as SGD48 per month.

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