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Learn to trade forex, invest during times of plenty, not adversity


Dear fellow traders,

I have been trading and investing since my teens. During this time I have always been driven to fight for myself than to regret later. That’s why headlines like these are unthinkable.


Trending in Singapore – Uncertainty, Pessimism and Negativity

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Singapore youth not confident about financial future: Survey

SINGAPORE – Youth in Singapore are overwhelmingly pessimistic about their financial situation and readiness, a new NTUC Income survey has found.

Eight out of 10 are not confident about their current financial situation, while nine out of 10 feel they are not financially ready for the future, according to the survey.

Eight out of 10 believe that they need at least three months of their income for emergencies, which is a sizeable gap from the 10 months that financial planners recommend.


[Shocking] More Than 1 in 2 Singaporeans Would Sacrifice Friendship For Promotion

It’s every man for himself, as least for more than half of the working population in Singapore.

According to a recent survey by business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn, which surveyed 1000 employees in Singapore, more than half of them (51.6%) would consider sacrificing friendships with a colleague for a promotion.


Trading/investing is your hedge and protection for rainy days. Consider forex, stocks addition to properties

Everyone needs to plan for needy days. Trading forex, investing in stocks is such a skill. There are risks involved so along the way it is unavoidable to encounter losses. With determination, there is no reason not to succeed in the long run.

Such a skill needs to be picked up during plentiful times however because this is when you are strongest, most able to handle risks and be psychologically protected. When the unexpected strikes, you are ready.