AUDJPY nailed 200 pips in a day

Forex Trading Course nailed 200pips in a day


Forex Signal Trade Review on AUDJPY traded on 12 July 2016



Forex Online Trading Course that nailed another average 200 pips within 24 hours


Congratulations to all Tflow® Forex Traders who took up the AUDJPY trade!

On 12th July 2016, the Tflow® community reaps profit of average 200 pips within less than 24 hours in this trade. Binni shared her AUDJPY thoughts in her recent G+ post on the 11th July 2016.

AUDJPY potential gains

AUDJPY is still a downtrend in the bigger picture, thus this is all about trading within the space. The trade execution might be a little different from our usual Tflow® Method as she had cautioned the community that this pair is purely based on risk trading, thus new students might not be familiar with this method.


Risk Trading

In case new students are unaware, Binni always emphasize to all her students that ‘SLOW IS GOOD’ in Forex Trading. It is good to be patient while the trade unfolds itself especially when the market gives us a tough time by remaining flattish for ‘X’ period. And once the opportunity arises, we will execute based on the commonly used trigger taught in Tflow® Theory .

However there are times where Binni would call for a RISK trade.


No Risk NO Gain

By taking up a risk trade, the probability of getting stopped out will be higher and more frequent than executing a trade based on Tflow® trigger. However you have been following us long enough, you will realise that Binni will always call for a tight stop loss level within the range of 40-60 pips with a potential of few hundred pips gain. Fortunately in the case of AUDJPY, we managed to profit 200 pips within a day  on FIRST try.


Tflow® Forex Trader’s Execution & Management

The first intended entry was to execute basis a mixed of market at 76.55 (long triggered) with buy limit orders at 76.20-30 which was not filled. However some students had their longs filled at 77 and the first profit taking level reached at 78. Easy peasy 100 pips gained within a short span of time.

First TP level reached

Subsequently, Binni called for a second entry based on the strong momentum with a mixed of market and limit order again. The final level 80 was reached within 9 hours after market order.

Forex Trading Course nailed 200pips in 24 hours
Screenshot taken on 12th July 2016, Final level 80 reached on 12 July

Latest Update: Trading with Profit

On 13 July 2016, Binni pointed out that the AUDJPY and other JPY crosses had very strong up momentum and students may re-enter buy limit at 79.15 using their profits. Again, tight stop loss is required and we managed this batch of entry by shifting the Stop Loss level to Break Even (BE). Unfortunately, this batch out was out at Break even.

On 14 July 2016, AUDJPY was seen rallying again. We decided to trade breakout when price closed above 80.60, but got stopped out eventually 80.40 with 20 pips loss. If you have set the profit taking level at 81 or 81.50 (with buffer), then that will be an additional of 40-80 pips gained.

As you can see, the entries for AUDJPY are based on mostly limit OR market orders without any proper triggers. One have to ensure proper risk management is done and bear in mind that doing a RISK trade is like using a trial-and-error method till you get it right. So there is a possibility of getting stopped out each time or in fact many times (not within our control) but can be very rewarding if you persist.

Binni always tells us “I don’t know how long will it takes or how many times I will get spiked out, but I know I will be right eventually.”

For new/old students who are uncomfortable with RISK trades, you can skip entirely and trade other pairs with proper Tflow method OR persist and prepared to get in and out of such trade till death do us part. Sorry.. I mean till the trade becomes invalid. Consistency is the key.

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