Forex Online Trading Course that works – EURCAD nailed another 100 pips


Forex Signal Trade Review on EURCAD traded on 13 July 2016


Forex Online Trading Course that works – EURCAD nailed another 100 pips


Following the AUDJPY RISK trade, we had another fast limit hit and furious down movement within minutes in EURCAD trade on 13 July 2016.

EURCAD 1min Chart

Tflow® Forex Traders Execution and Management

After investigation into EURCAD, Binni had established an important level which makes EURCAD a very attractive Risk (1): Reward (8) ratio trade.

This trade was done via 2 methods.

  • Looking for a RISK Trade via Sell Limit order

Since we are looking to short EURCAD, we would prefer to have our shorts triggered at a higher price so that we will have more ‘meat’ and lower risk (tight SL level). So it does make sense to place a limit order and hope for a better price to be filled.

*I would like to caution that a RISK trade is not meant for everyone. Please do your own diligence & risk management before taking up any trades.

  • Simple Tflow Trigger

All of our students are trained to identify a certain chart pattern and price had broken a level that Binni pointed out in G+ which fits the criteria of our usual Tflow® trigger. Click here to learn about our Tflow method.

Screenshot of G+ post

Potential Monster Pips

I believe that most, if not ALL Forex Traders would prefer their trades to move fast and their running profits increasing every seconds. The most perfect scenario will be market order keyed in and the trade is in profit with < 100 pips the next moment, just like the previous AUDJPY trade. But of course not every day is Sunday and you cannot expect to every single trade to hit its TP level next day.

This trade was running well and we had closed to 200 pips running profit at that time. Unfortunately, some students including Binni was being spiked out with 100 pips profit on 18 July 2016 as shown below:


(Still) aiming a potential few hundreds MONSTER pips in EURCAD pair, so we will update once target hit. *fingers crossed*


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