Easy forex strategy - Forex Traders gained 280pips

Easy forex strategy – forex traders make 280pips trading USDJPY


Forex Signal Trade Review on USDJPY traded on 05 July 2016


How forex traders shorted usdjpy with profit 280pips with easy forex strategy


Trade Background

Accordingly to Tflow® Theory, USDJPY had a big move setup after Brexit. This confirmed that flow in USDJPY is bearish. We looked for opportunities to sell at a higher. Our method equipped us to find a tipping point at the high, moments before price exploded downwards.

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Why we traded?

Binni pointed out in her G+ post that USDJPY is near to a very important resistance shown by previous boxes low. Such resistance is especially powerful. 

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Box theory is found in Master Forex Course.


How you could trade it easily?

Binni talked about this trade by pointing out the moment that price reached a very strong resistance. We got our shorts in at really near to the high. We key in our sell limit price at 102.70, switched off our computer and wait for trade to fill. Everything was done at our comfort without us staring at screen.

Below is the chart that she shared in our G+ private channel.

USDJPY closed below equidistant channel and retrace to the point it broke. This is the reason why this resistance is so powerful.

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2016-07-08_17-42-06 usdjpy1


How did Tflow® forex traders manage this trade?

USDJPY trade ideas in G+ and step by step trading guide

Our first entry was 102.70. We entered again at 102.00. First time, we took profit at 101.60. Second time we took profit at 100.25.

we made 110 pips from first entry and 180 pips from second entry. How much is pips to money? Read here.


What a great time to spend Hari Raya Puasa.

Like what our Forex Traders said:

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Was it an easy forex trade?  What our Tflow® forex traders said…



Why we gotten our pips easily with this forex trade?

Brexit created a break of channel support. Thus a bearish flow is created. We waited patiently for price to retrace to a strong resistance level (which is channel it broke). By doing so, a very clear stop loss level is created. Once risk has been identified clearly, we applied Tflow® trigger and bingo! there’s our pips rolling in.

Get the process right and money will come rolling in.  That’s exactly what students of Master Forex Course are experiencing.

See our performance in the first week of July on all JPY trades executed. First week July, nett win 765 pips.


To your trading success,

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