Forex Trading Strategy - 415pips winning in EURNZD

Best Forex Trading Strategy – 415pips winning in EURNZD


Forex Signal Trade Review on ERUNZD traded on 30 June 2016


How forex traders shorted eurnzd with profit 415pips with forex trading strategy


Trade overview

EURNZD had presented a bearish trade setup after the announcement of Brexit result. With Binni’s guidance and based on Tflow® Theory, we can easily identify the Big Move setup and plan this trade accordingly. In this case, we looked for opportunities to trigger our shorts into attractive levels with a potential of 400 pips downside movement.

Forex Trading Strategy - 415pips winning in EURNZD
Big Move Setup in EURNZD

Why trade the EURNZD pair

As pointed out by Binni in her G+ post, EURNZD had a closed below an important Support level which was a level set out by previous boxes* low. Such price action has met the requirement for a powerful and explosive price movement explained in support and resistance in our Free Advance Forex Course.

*Learn more about our Box theory in Master Forex Course.


Simply trade execution

As mentioned in the G+ post, price broke key level and did a retest of the support-turn- resistance level as shown in the chart below. With Binni’s guidance, we had our limit order with an average price of 1.5645 placed and patiently wait for our orders to be filled without having glued to the screen.

Binni shared her EURNZD trade ideas and charts in the G+ private channel as shown below:

Forex trading using Tflow®
EURNZD closed below support and retrace to the point it broke. This is the reason why this resistance is so powerful.

415 pips profitability? It’s possible!


How did Tflow® forex traders manage this trade?

EURNZD trade ideas in G+ and step by step trading guide

In the Tflow® Method, we always emphasize the importance of trade management to our students. How our T-flow community bagged 415 pips in 3 simple steps:

1. Enter

2. Take profit

3. Repeat

Once an opportunity presents, Binni called for a short in EURNZD in 3 different occasions.

The first entry price was limit order at 1.5645 with profit taking level at 1.5520. (125 pips in profit)

The second entry price was limit order at 1.5550 with profit taking level at 1.5410. (140 pips in profit)

Lastly, a mixed of market and limit order into 1.5330 with profit taking level at 1.5180. (150 pips in profit)

There you go, a total of 415 pips were being made in just one EURNZD trade. You can see from the chart below that price touches the final profit taking level at 1.5180 as said in G+ and bounced off.

To gain access to our private G+ channel for more valuable insights and trade ideas from Binni, registration in Master Forex Course  is required to unlock the full support features.

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