Over years of trading, I’ve not done any actual tabulation on performance. Because I’m selling education and knowledge, I don’t believe in tabulating my performance, because no one can behave exactly like the other person (note, in trading particularly, there’s greed and fear, we function SIMPLY differently). I am not saying there’s no rules, I’m just saying there will be a difference. No person thumbprint is the same, even twins isn’t it?

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Forex performance

Then what did I do to track my performance? Simply money in my account. *Big Smile

However, since start of https://onlineforexmaster.com, I thought I should do something, since I’m asking Clifford Su to do it.

So here’s what we’ve done so far. See photo. Net win 490 pips since last date of tabulation on 23 June

3rd week into https://onlineforexmaster.com, we got into EU referendum. Those trades that were spike out (just exceeded our stop loss by 10 pips average), were ALL correct in direction. In fact, most dropped by another 200-400 pips.

I also closed out some trades early without letting it reach said levels. In usual times, I would let it reach there, and in fact it reached said levels just hours before ‪#‎brexit‬. Otherwise, it would be a great win for us.

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